Monday, 13 January 2014

Say What?

So, We have an inherited VB website that we just bought under our own processes and controls. We like to keep things tidy and as a result of this decided to place the website under a Visual Studio solution within it’s own ‘website project’ (not application). There are several other projects associated with the application and as such it makes sense to store them all within one solution, this way anyone who elects to come ‘caped like’ to the rescue does not have to search disparate areas within the whole organisation for the source. All good.

I was then tasked with plugging the solution into our internal build processes (we use CCNet) and after a little scratting around to find how you build a web site the I was hopeful that my work was nearly at end. Upon kicking the automated build off all seemed to go without issue until I got  the following rather spurious error whist trying to ‘Publish’ the website :-

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Written by:  Conrad Rowlands, Senior Systems Architect and Developer, DSCallards

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