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Hints and Tips February 2011

Changing the Default Fonts and Colours for Web Intelligence on the SAP BusinessObjects Edge Platform
There are no default settings options in Web Intelligence, so to change the colours and fonts, you have to edit some .xml files. Search for *AppletConfig* on your SAP Business Objects Edge server.

A number of folders will appear.

In each of these folders there is a file called defaultConfig.xml. Make a copy of each of these files before any editing takes place.

In Web Intelligence, take note of the colour schemes that currently exist in the data header and details. The images on the next page show where to record this information.
 This is for the detail or row information.

This is for the header information.

Now you need to edit the defaultConfig.xml files in the folders shown above. Below is an example of the file that I have changed. The original font was Arial.

At the top of each block of code is the font ‘Trebuchet’. Work through the file changing the default, (Arial) to the font name of your choice.
When the fonts have been changed, search for the first number in the colour scheme you noted earlier. In my case, the ‘Red’ value of my header was 218. Change the Red, Green, Blue values to match the colour scheme you require.
Once all the changes have been made, the file can be copied to all the other locations listed in the folders above. Below is an image of the ‘new look WebI’ after I changed the defaults. I also restarted all the servers after I had made the changes.

Source:  Steve Chapman, Senior Business Intelligence Consultants, DSCallards

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