Monday, 31 October 2011

Is Information a Tool for Democracy?

Senior BI Consultant, Angus Menter, explains how democracy’s central premise is carrying out the will of the people, meaning people get access to services that meet their needs. To achieve this they following steps need to happen:

1.     Understanding what the needs are

2.     Finding good ways to deliver the services

3.     People being able to access those services

Information is important to each aspect. It takes two main forms, narrative and fact-based. Business analytics can help to get a fact-based view, which of course for right or wrong we then often express via a personal or political narrative.

Read this White Paper to gain an insight into how DSCallards believes that information supports democracy:

Source:  Angus Menter, Senior BI Consultant, DSCallards
About Angus:  Angus Menter worked in SAP & Business Objects public sector for ten years. He joined DSCallards in 2010 to contribute to the way the company engages with their customers, including defining the company’s BI project methodology.

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