Thursday, 29 December 2011

Building a "BI" Command and Control Centre for your Supply Chain

A recent study carried out by the Aberdeen Group has found that companies with top performing supply chains significantly outperformed their peers.


•  Their cash conversion cycle was 50% faster
•  Their customer service levels were 17% higher
•  Their forecast accuracy was 36% better

Not only that, but these Best-in-Class companies were able to decrease their warehouse operating costs by 2%, while the same costs at other companies increased. Operational business intelligence is one of the keys to their success. Best-in-Class organisations are far more likely than others to have near real-time visibility into their supply chain performance so that they can react faster when business conditions change, or unexpected events occur.

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Blog Writer:  Lee Grogan, Sales Manager, DSCallards

Source:  If you'd like read the white paper, you can register for a copy here -

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