Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Don't Let Reporting Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

So you have a Crystal Report, but you need to modify it. Where to begin?

As Crystal advisers one of the most common queries which we come across is from those companies or users that have an application which provides Crystal Reports, yet when a report modification or a new reports is required they have no way in-house of meeting this requirement.  

In these situations, more commonly than not, users will turn to third party providers to modify the report. In the first instance this may appear the easiest solution however is it the best option? Put it this way- if it is then why do we continue to receive enquiries from users asking for an alternative way of modifying reports?
Third party vendors, to give them their due, will get the job done but what if these report modifications are required on a regular basis? Is the ongoing expense and time it takes getting it done through a third party vendor justified? 

Often the changes required on these occasions are simple: e.g. name or design changes, things which could take a matter of minutes to complete with a copy of the software. Yet people will continue to pay over the odds and wait days for such work to be done. I understand there are a couple of initial stumbling blocks with the prospect of bringing the reporting in-house. For instance, not every company has an individual trained in using the software, the initial investment can also be quite an important step for some companies and users want to ensure compatibility before committing to a purchase. 

However, I believe the positives out-weigh the negatives on this issue; the software pays for itself in the long-run, DSCallards can provide the training to get even a beginner proficient in using the software, and furthermore we provide a free software evaluation so you can check before you buy.

In my experience, working with customers who initially relied on third parties before bringing the reporting in-house, taking the in-house route could:

  •   Remove the reliance on another company for reporting.
  •  Save time on completing those simple requests. 
  •  Save your company money in the long-run.
  •  Provide you with the chance to dig deeper with your reporting; with the ability to not only modify existing reports but creating reports from scratch, even from alternative systems.

In a completely shameless display, here comes the somewhat expected sales pitch: If you feel like your reporting is currently burning a hole in your pocket why not get in touch with one of the Crystal Team today at DSCallards? We can discuss how our software and services can help bring your reporting in-house, and more importantly the value that this will bring you in the long run.
It might not be as expensive as you think- call us on 0800 652 4050 and find out or visit
Written by Abby Vanstone, Sales Executive, DSCallards

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