Thursday, 2 February 2012

Are You Making the Most of Your Crystal Reports?

I’ve just sold another of our SAP Crystal Training Courses to the Ministry of Defence ... and like so many of our customers, James has an old Crystal Reports license and feels that he’s only using half of its functionality and that it's starting to let him down.

So many of the people I talk to every day have a license of Crystal on their desktop and use it perhaps once or twice a week on one database. They’ve got into a rut with their reporting whilst they know that it should really be helping them decipher exactly what's happening to their business,  throughout the whole of their business and they’d be right.  They’re being asked for ever more demanding reporting but they don’t know what they’re missing to achieve this.

SAP Crystal Reports is an amazingly powerful entry level Business Intelligence tool that delivers clear business insight, it's been developed over a time span of 20 years and has changed so much in that time. 

You can see for yourself how its changed by evaluating the most up to date version free from our website You can also come and join our Crystal Training Courses or our free Seminars  and start to see what Crystal can really do, 20 years on, in the 21st century.  You'll be amazed!

Written by Sue Mitchell, Crystal Solutions Account Manager, DSCallards  (01364 654222)

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