Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Data Replication - It's Not My Area of Expertise!

Can you give me an idea for a blog about data replication? Sorry mate that’s not my area of expertise! Great thanks, actually yeah great, that’s a really good point. Who really deep down, if you had a choice would want their area of expertise be data replication? 

Apart from potentially insulting a global community of IT professionals I think I’ve just insulted myself! But honestly how many high schoolers dreamt of analysing data replication logs and the Change data capture routine of a heterogeneous database environment? I would guess not many. And I think that is the point. Most requirements from a business level are straightforward I need data to go from point A, to point B and maybe back again. Sure there are often manipulation needed on the way however really do you want to be spending your whole day on this one?

Whether it's meeting a requirement for Big data, business analytics, or an online application supporting huge numbers of users many businesses will have considered using an off the shelf CDC or data replication software package.

Now I appreciate someone somewhere has a tough job working things out in terms of the routines needed for a resilient data replication process. But once you’ve done the math then what do you want? I say it’s a CDC/ data replication software package that can be easily implemented to manage this process you’ve spilt blood, sweat and tears formulating. Do you want to spend hours having to learn effectively a new language? Do you want to pay someone else to come and teach you how to learn this new language?   

If this rings true for you and you want to an intuitive CDC/ data replication software package then I use DBMoto and data replication isn’t my area of expertise!
Writted by Ben Hedger, Senior Sales Consultant, DSCallards 

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