Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Why Won't My Crystal Reports Work Like It Should??

So you’ve got Windows 7 now, it works great , you love the new features, the re sizing and “snap to docking”,” peeking at windows” too, all  fantastic ….. but your Crystal Reports just don’t work like they should, they won’t view properly, some wont print or export and  some won’t even open and instances crash…WHY!

Well you probably need to upgrade to the latest version of Crystal Reports too, that’s Crystal Reports 2011.

Some organisations are still using versions of Crystal that are over 12 years old, way before these newer versions of Windows were even thought of , but they are  still surprised that they need to upgrade!

The good news is that there is an upgrade path you can take advantage of that is nearly 50% cheaper than the full license cost so if you want expert advice on which license will get you up and running again, please talk to us first and don’t waste hours of your time scanning the internet for fixes and tweaks that in the long run will let you down anyway.

For more information, visit our website at:  www.crystalreports.co.uk or contact me - Sue Mitchell.

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