Monday, 24 February 2014

Ascertaining Geographic Data within an SSIS Import

So, You probably had it before… A client asks you to plot their addressing data on a map of some sort. Its not an issue you tell them, make sure that within the the data you have the appropriate latitude/longitude data for the address and we will do the rest.. And thats where the awkward silence starts, they haven’t got this data, they NEVER have and data costs!

There are of course ways around this with Google maps of course being top of the list of possible non paying solutions. I thought I’d share my experiences of this with you…. We needed to implement an address look up on an initial import of data using our ETL tool (SSIS). Whilst not being major surgery this is slightly more than ten minutes work …..

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Written by Conrad Rowlands, Senior Systems Architect and Developer, DSCallards

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