Thursday, 8 May 2014

Why SAP Crystal Server 2013? Top Ten Reasons According to DSCallards

SAP Crystal Server 2013 is said to deliver market-leading software at an entry-level cost.  But what does this really mean to you, the user?  In this blog, DSCallards has summarised what we believe are the top ten features and functionality delivered with SAP Crystal Server 2013.

  1. SAP BusinessObjects Explorer:  SAP Crystal Server 2013 includes Explorer, which is a web application whereby you can ‘point-and-click’, search within your data to perform data discovery.
  2. Crystal Reports for Enterprise.
  3. Mobility:  You can view your BI content anywhere, anytime on the move via your table or your phone.
  4. Version Management and Promotion Management now supports SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio content.  
  5. Design Studio enables application designers to create analysis applications and dashboards based upon SAP NetWeaver BW, SAP HANA and Universe data sources - for browsers and mobile  devices (Pads, for example).
  6. SharePoint Integration:  You can now re-use your existing content management system MS Sharepoint to view, create and run BI content.
  7. Configuration Manager for Server Optimisation:  You can optimise your server's performance by using the new configuration wizard to ensure your server is sized correctly.
  8. Enhanced User Interface.
  9. The new version is very stable.
  10. Session Management Tool:  You can now kill user sessions which may be hanging or stuck, via an administration console without any hassle at all.
So there you go! 

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