Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Blogging: How to Extract Knowledge from The Company’s Brightest Minds

Social Media is widely accepted as one of the most powerful tools available today to take messages to the market.  To be considered a thought-leader in our chosen markets, it requires continuous ‘drip-feeding’ of messages that illustrate our brilliance and know-how in our specialist areas.

Knowledge is gold dust.  Also, we all know that we need to speculate to accumulate. But day-to-day our consultants and developers are far too busy with their job in hand – writing code, installing software, writing databases, running training courses – to take time out to write a blog for the Marketing Team.  So it’s easier for them to ignore the relentless nagging and requests for blog and website content and get on with keeping the customer happy - for today.

This is where Marketing need the backup from the heads of the company.  The top brass need to realise the importance of good content as well as the time it takes the busy team members to create this content.  Social Media is not free.  It is expensive as it takes valuable time for the team to create compelling content to strengthen our position in our markets.

DSCallards decided to embrace this challenge.  As a pilot, the Marketing Manager took the Technical Director and BI Practice Manager off-site to a beautiful old venue in the middle of Dartmoor and locked them into a room with their laptops.  During the course of the morning they were asked to create three blogs each which represent the areas of the business that they are responsible for.  Here is the outcome:


Business Intelligence

The output was excellent and the material has since been used to populate eDMs and websites and helps both with the thought leadership requirement as well as SEO as we know that Google love it when websites are updated with original and topical content.

As a result of this success, the Management Team decided to continue along the same vein and the Marketing Manager was given the thumbs up to take the whole Business Intelligence and Development Teams off site on a Monday morning with the simple objective to write blogs.

So, I’m sat here now.  Surrounded by my colleagues.  Laptops open, coffee cups topped up and minds ticking over and keyboards tapping.  They’re hopefully creating some masterpieces which extol the virtues of why a company like yours should come to DSCallards to help with their Business Intelligence or Development projects.

I’ll be posting the output shortly.  So, watch this space …!

Written by Adriane Gillies, Marketing Manager, DSCallards

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