Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Legacy Code and the Missing LINQ

linkncircleWhilst porting a legacy Visual Basic 6 screen to .NET (I know, it still happens!) I came across a horrendously complex piece of code used to refresh a list of people (whose details may or may not have been verified by the user) with new data possibly. In essence quite a simple job, if the person had already been verified then we need to mark them as such after the refresh SO LONG AS their data has not changed in the meantime; as with all things there are of course more complexities but this is in a nutshell the problem which in terms of VB6 code costed large amounts of comparison coding and collections of state information, It is also true that we were building on a live system and so you inherit all the goodness and badness that you’ve coded thus far.

Now however things are different, we have the wonderful world of .NET and the awesome world of LINQ, a technology that in my experience kills of all that ‘coding driftwood’ that accrues over time and development cycles. So how hard could it be?

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Written by Conrad Rowlands, Senior Developer, DSCallards.
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