Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Frustration of Business Intelligence

DSCallards tend to work with ambitious SME companies that want to improve the way they do business. Often they struggle with getting timely and trustworthy information out of the systems they have in order to report on how the business is performing. Analysing or predicting trends to cope with ad-hoc changes to their business, the economy or industry compliance is for most a pipe dream. 

It’s surprisingly common, for some on a daily basis, to experience frustration in the amount of time or duplication of effort in the production of report information, it’s not unheard of on an annual basis for this overhead to cost their businesses tens of thousands of pounds. Lack of usage is another frustration for many of our customers. They may have spent money on a new system or even reporting software but still users find it difficult to interpret the information to answer the questions they have. This can lead to the mistrust of data, as a bigger headache is caused by users getting hold of their own subset of data. Most of the time this effort only leads to further frustration as time is wasted battling other colleagues who have done the same thing but have a different set of results. Ultimately these issues result in a genuine fear that important decisions are being made on gut feel and the future of the business is not in their control. 

With reporting and Business Intelligence, the value can sometimes be hard to establish as often you don’t know the outcomes that better reporting and analysis of your data will bring. However, as a conservative base line through working with DSCallards our customers typically identify a minimum of £9,000 ROI within the first twelve months of rolling out our project managed reporting/business Intelligence solutions. Straight away with the design of one report Geotech uncovered over an £85,000 saving from an inaccurate stock management process. Another Phoenix Contact, increased their market share by 12% and experienced double digit revenue growth through an increase in sales directly associated with the competitive edge between sales teams from presenting accurate and timely sales information in dashboards. 

I wouldn’t expect anyone reading this to be experiencing any of these similar frustrations… although I welcome your comments.

Written by Ben Hedger, Senior Business Development Consultant, DSCallards

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