Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Faster Image Processsing (aka Lock your Bits)

Whilst working on a small new project to write a console application that examines images for certain kinds of colour data I started, as I always do, with looking at how best to achieve this in a performant manner for the client. There is nothing worse than an application  that appears to hang whilst an invisible piece of processing occurs. True, in this instance it was a console app that would be automagically scheduled for use and so this was not such a design issue but I still think it’s good practice. The main remit of the application was to iterate over every single pixel within an image file and to perform various calculations against the colour data that we obtained,  the calculations were fairly simple and thus set in stone and so no real performance gains could be made out of a refactor, however this business of iterating over every pixel….

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Written by Conrad Rowlands, Senior Developer, DSCallards
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