Wednesday, 14 August 2013

On-the-go Analytics Enables Me To Act Decisively Wherever and Whenever

When mobile phones first became mainstream as business tools, it was all about being reachable no matter where you were. But if you wanted to get any real work done, you’d still have to lug around a laptop. Today’s smart phones are capable of so much more than just calls, emails and texts – in fact, I read they’re more powerful than the computers that NASA used to send astronauts to the moon in the 1960s. 

I use my smart phone for everything – from capturing my running times to taking out my frustrations on Angry Birds. But what I’m really excited about is that we’ve recently got the SAP Crystal Server add-on for mobile at work.  Basically, it delivers all the reports and analytic data I rely on daily to my mobile phone when I’m away from my desk. 
If I have to go and see a customer, I no longer bother taking my laptop with me, because I have all the up-to-date information I need in the palm of my hand.  Not only is my smart phone more convenient to carry, but unlike a laptop, there’s no tedious wait to boot up and connect – it’s instant.  The other day, I was able to provide factual up the minute information to a customer while I was sat right opposite him by showing him the figures, instead of having to wait until I was back in the office.  Not only was he impressed by my professionalism but also by my company – a sure way to sustain a good business relationship. 

While mobilising our business intelligence is enabling people like me to work more flexibly and productively, it also ticks the boxes for IT – secure, self-service and simple – plus it helps our company to get more value out of the BI system we already have in place.  There’s a free trial available to download so you can try SAP Crystal Solutions before you buy.  Although I’ll warn you now: using mobile insight to answer business questions on the go is almost as addictive as Angry Birds!  

Try SAP Crystal Server add-on for mobile for yourself with our compliments!  Download here.

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