Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Displaying Alternative Coloured Images in JQ Grid

RedAmberGreenWhilst coding up a recent .NET MVC application built heavily using JQGrid I came across a requirement which to be honest I struggled with at first . In short I wanted to, on a column by column basis, colorise the icons that were to be displayed. Now JQGrid supports a icon colorset which seemingly cannot be changed easily so in the end I had to resort to changing the styles. Here is how I achieved this, warts and all….

Firstly of course JQGrid uses the standard set of JQuery Ui Icons to provide its user interface. I say ‘Icons’ but this is of course provided as one image which is broken up into sprites of 16 x 16 pixels, more of that later. So the first step is to download the set of colour icons that you require…. provides a standard set of these icons rolled in every colour you can dream so its in fact very easy. The hardest part is arriving at your chosen colours!

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Written by:  Conrad Rowlands, Senior Systems Architect and Develope, DSCallards

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