Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Setting Default Data for Add New operation using .NET MVC JQGrid

Of late I have been working with the .NET MVC JQGrid control for a relatively simple project and have found myself asking all sorts of questions of the technology which do not seem to be easily and readily supported without resorting to hacking around in HTML. One such example came up recently where I needed to default the value for a column upon creating a new Company record. After posting on the forums I was directed to a ‘sample’ which actually showed me nothing even though the forum poster had responded with an answer that was meaningful. I thus decided to document the actual methodology so that you don’t have to!

In short I have a Responder object which upon creation needs the ‘ResponderType’ property to be primed with the value ’2′ to indicate what type of responder we are creating. I have included a full listing  of the ‘MVC’ components although only the items highlighted in bold red are actually pertinent to this blog post. The rest is provided for completeness (although as the code has been derived in reality from some abstracted classes there may be some errors, so apologies in advance).

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Written by:  Conrad Rowlands, DSCallards, Senior Systems Architect & Developer


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