Thursday, 7 October 2010

5 Ways to Use Your Data for Profitable Growth

How well do you know your company? Even if you’re in touch with colleagues across the business regularly, collaborate effectively, and monitor internal and external developments, there’s plenty you can miss.

Ultimately, any perspective should be informed by the data created by your company through the normal course of operations. Mix these insights with what you learn by interacting with employees and customers, and you’ll have a reliable platform for strategic decision-making.

Use SAP Crystal Reports Server to power a business intelligence effort that drives tangible results for your company. Affordable, flexible and comprehensive, you can use this dashboard management solution to automate reporting, tailor output to specific audiences, and reduce the time and effort it takes to turn your company’s data into decisions that fuel profitable growth.

Here are five ways you can use SAP Crystal Reports Server to get ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

1. Monitor performance: use the summary dashboards available through SAP Crystal Reports Server for the fast, high-level views of your business that keep you in sync with the rhythm of your operation—and which can provide signals when deeper investigation is necessary

2. View relevant data: personalize reports for key stakeholders across your company to ensure that they won’t have to sift through unrelated data to identify the key points they need to manage their departments, markets, or partners.

3. Communicate results: export SAP Crystal Reports Server data to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to facilitate the communication and presentation of findings to other people in your company. Streamline the process by which intelligence becomes action.

4. Integrate with other applications: using Java or .Net, you can connect SAP Crystal Reports Server with other applications, making your reports available more widely and in other tools that your employees use to run your company.

5. Manage costs: expensive reporting solutions set a higher hurdle for realizing ROI. Priced at attainable levels for small and mid-sized businesses, SAP Crystal Reports Server accelerates the benefits of company-wide reporting and reduces the risk associated with your investment.

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