Friday, 29 October 2010

Unlock the Secrets of Your Business

Your business keeps secrets from you … well, at least it seems that way. There is plenty you don’t know, regardless of how often you walk the floor, talk to your team, or examine your operations. You can only see so much by looking around you, and that’s when you need to turn to the numbers.

The data in systems across your company tends to hold deeper insights that aren’t immediately evident from traditional management practices. Take advantage of the business intelligence to be gained from your data, and you can find opportunities for operational improvement, for which you’ll be rewarded with wider margins and freed up capital.

Part of the reason your business “hides” data from you is that the information isn’t all in one place. The powerful insights that can transform you business are usually found in relationships among different data sets, and you need a way to bring them together and compare them in a sensible manner that makes the business opportunities available to your organization evident.

The only way to make this happen is with an intuitive business intelligence and reporting solution that can quickly draw data from several disparate sources and unite them into a comprehensible result that you can use to affect meaningful change. With SAP BusinessObjects Edge, you can turn many systems into a cohesive reporting and analytics environment that you can use to advance your company in the marketplace.

Central to the advantage afforded by SAP BusinessObjects Edge is that it streamlines the entire reporting process, mitigates the risk of human error, and increases the applicability of the conclusions you draw. This increases the ROI on your business intelligence investment, along with the RO on the decisions facing your company.

SAP BusinessObjects Edge unlocks the secrets that your business keeps from you, enabling careful and diligent analysis of your company’s results to find improvement opportunities in every corner of your business. Through robust reporting capabilities, you can turn hidden insights into action items – and results.

risk to which your company is exposed. Rather than simply write and publish a policy, you can lay out a process that includes a mechanism for preventing the activity that could cause lasting damage to your business.

The best way to make sure your employees follow the rules is to make it the only option. Make your policies part of standard operating procedure through the business processes in SAP Business All-in-One, and you’ll gain ROI not just from a better solution, but also through risk management.

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