Monday, 11 October 2010

Visualise Every Aspect of Your Business

The numbers don’t lie, but they sometimes struggle to tell a story clearly. Scheduled and ad hoc reports exist to provide insights into your business – from financial management to customer care. Yet, reporting practices don’t always reflect these priorities. With SAP® BusinessObjects™ Edge solutions, you can streamline your reporting and gain a new perspective, thanks to features that help you see the implications of the data.

As important as reporting is in almost any business setting, many companies tend to neglect it. A bias toward action sometimes leaves little room for contemplation. When reports are prepared, especially across many data sources or business units, the hours invested can accumulate quickly, particularly when a manual component requires some massaging of the data. 

The simple act of getting answers about company performance or operations can not only cost you, but also divert employees from other responsibilities, creating backlogs that spread throughout the company, impeding productivity, and deferring initiatives with ROI potential.

And despite all this work, it’s still tough to figure out what the data means! You can spend even more time interpreting the results before finally understanding their meaning and defining the next steps.
Fortunately, there’s a single answer to both challenges: SAP BusinessObjects Edge solutions.

Automate your reporting processes to cut the time needed to gather data into a form that can yield actionable business intelligence. Then use the data in this legible form to derive meaning and define the next steps faster. In addition to reducing the cost of your own information effectively, the speed at which you can take action can accelerate the ROI associated with the resulting courses of action.

Take control of your data with SAP BusinessObjects Edge solutions and put your data to work for your business. Having the right tools at your disposal can supercharge decisions and results. 


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