Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Business Intelligence Means Managing Your Strategy

Reports can be much more than occasional status checks used to make sure nothing is going awry. You can turn the data in your organization into a powerful tool for managing your strategy and reaching your company’s financial goals. Proactive reporting and analysis with a robust business intelligence solution can drive ROI, help you take market share from the competition, and know the full implications of every decision you make.

With SAP Crystal Reports, you can gain the information you need to manage your strategy effectively—without having to invest in a large, costly business intelligence solution.

Measurement is vital to the effective implementation of any strategic plan. This is the only way you can tell if it’s working! Too often, however, companies focus solely on execution, and don’t commit sufficiently to evaluating their progress. Flawed assumptions, changing market conditions, and suboptimal tactics can result in outcomes not anticipated during the strategic planning process. Unless you measure your performance against your strategy, you may not know about the consequences until it is too late to minimize their impact.

SAP Crystal Reports gives your organization the tools it needs to make ongoing analysis an integral part of strategy execution. Use this business intelligence solution to verify the results of the decisions your company makes, and identify early any situations that require a shift in direction. Not only will you mitigate risk, you’ll increase the odds of meeting your company’s objectives. Profitable growth thus becomes easier to attain.

How you use reports can become a powerful competitive advantage for your company. The business intelligence capabilities afforded by SAP Crystal Reports can improve strategy execution and your understanding of the business implications of every choice you make. Take your company’s data, and turn it into information you can use!

Source:  SAP

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