Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Dashboards Make a Difference: Use Data for Fast Management

Detailed reports are crucial to effective business, but they aren’t always the best tools for the tasks in front of you. Sometimes, you just need a quick indicator of how your business is doing. Whether it’s sales or operations—or anything in between—a regular high-level view of the team’s performance can enable the rapid decision-making that supports business agility, without forcing you to sift through pages and pages of data.

Dashboards accelerate decision-making across a company, summarizing data to make it easy to draw conclusions quickly and turn them into action. This can help company leaders keep an eye on operations and deliver an early warning when a problem is about to occur. Consequently, day-to-day management is strengthened by the types of insight that are usually replaced with intuition and anecdotal evidence because timely, relevant, and aggregated information is not easily available.

Though useful, it can be difficult to develop dashboards, especially if different users don’t have the same needs. The effort can be costly and time-consuming, depending on the skills you have in your company and the IT infrastructure that’s already in place. Instead of taking this approach, however, you can drive better results at a lower cost with SAP Crystal Reports Server. This reporting platform makes it easy to create, update and manage dashboards rapidly with data from a variety of systems across your organization.

Using the dashboards you create with SAP Crystal Reports Server, you can contribute to a culture of metrics-based management, in which investments are made and operations evaluated with real information generated by your company. You’ll gain the benefit of genuine business intelligence in managing your company and increase your performance in the marketplace.

Dashboards don’t have to be expensive or unattainable. Use SAP Crystal Reports Server to make it easy for your company’s leaders to find the information they need, and generate a return on intelligence faster.

Source:  SAP

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