Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Five Ways Report Presentation Design Leads to ROI

Looks make a difference—at least they do when it comes to your reports. More than merely present data, your reports are intended to make a point. Whether it’s about your company’s financial strength or a new market to be exploited, appearance can affect interpretation, and thus the decisions that are influenced by your data. A carefully designed and presented report, therefore, can shape the direction of your company.
So, does this mean you need to hire a graphic designer and incur even more overhead to drive decision-making in your organization? That just sets the ROI bar higher and puts unnecessary pressure on your margins. Instead of making it even more expensive to gain insights into your business, you can use SAP Crystal Presentation Design to make the data you present easier to read and interpret, ultimately driving better company results with no significant incremental increase in operating costs.

Here are five ways you can use SAP Crystal Presentation Design to generate ROI for your organization:

1. Use speed to lower base costs: you can create professional-looking presentations and reports in just a few minutes, preserving your own time and avoiding the need to spend on design resources.

2. Make data visual: SAP Crystal Presentation Design gives you the tools to turn rows of numbers into interactive charts and maps, not to mention other visual elements. This can make information easier to interpret.

3. Sway the crowd: visuals become compelling tools for driving company investment. Use them to make clear what you’d otherwise hope your readers to infer from the data lined up in columns and rows.

4. Understand all your options: with SAP Crystal Presentation Design, you can model several hypothetical scenarios in order to optimize company decision-making and resource allocation.

5. Accelerate results: the pre-built templates in SAP Crystal Presentation Design give you an effective and consistent starting point. You’ll be able to cut your up-front time investment and begin to realize ROI sooner.

Source:  SAP PartnerEdge

For more information:  http://www.crystalreports.co.uk/xcelsius-software-solutions/

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