Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Importance of Finding Data Fast

When most small and mid-sized companies look at the potential afforded by business intelligence solutions, they tend to focus on the reporting process. Cost and ROI advantages are easy to gain by making it easier to develop large, intricate reports. But, there’s another way to benefit from a powerful business intelligence platform: find specific data faster. This will help your employees save small amounts of time that add up rapidly. SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI can cut the time it takes to respond to many small requests, ultimately delivering a large return.

Targeted requests for data seem mall, but they can come frequently. For each, however, it can take a while to navigate multiple systems and find exactly the information that is needed. Over time, hours add up to days, and days become full-time employee equivalents. The cost to your organization mounts—but it remains hard to see, concealed by volume and relatively short execution times. Step back from the process for a moment, and you can see how these requests can slow your employees down.

There’s a significant business opportunity, therefore, in finding data faster. A shorter time to execute these queries translates to recaptured employee time that can be used in areas with higher potential to drive profitable growth.

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI—in addition to streamlining, simplifying, and accelerating your company-wide reporting processes—can help with targeted queries for company data. Using the keyword search feature in SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, your organization can navigate through the systems you use to find exactly what you need quickly. The results can be viewed on an exploration panel, which makes it easier to dig deeper if there are signs of something interesting or awry in your operation. In each instance, the time savings is small. Through the course of a week (or longer), though, it accumulates to become a sizeable benefit for your company.

The SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI keyword search feature makes it possible to inform your company’s employees efficiently and accurately, with little overhead. Small savings can turn into a substantial competitive advantage, though, when your employees have more time to invest in the activities that move your company forward in the marketplace.

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